Als Social-Startup auf der Suche nach der nachhaltigsten Verpackung

A social start-up in search of the most sustainable packaging

Grass carton and compostable can: Find out how we came up with our packaging and what's so special about it here.

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Anyone who knows us knows how important sustainability is to us.
Right from the start, we knew that, unlike other companies, we wanted to make our packaging particularly sustainable and, above all, plastic- and aluminum-free.

However, this was not as easy as we initially thought. Read on to find out how we came up with our tube, the stylish grass carton and our paper tape and what makes them so special.

Our tube:

Anyone who has ever bought a protein powder/supplement knows how much waste can be produced. Most manufacturers usually package their products in plastic cans, aluminum bags & apparently sustainable cardboard cans, which are then coated with aluminum on the inside.

Even if many manufacturers boast that their packaging is recyclable, only a small proportion of it is actually recycled. The leftovers end up in landfill sites in Indonesia or are incinerated as residual waste.

Verschmutzung der Meere durch Plastikverpackungen

So we set out to develop a can that contains neither plastic nor aluminum and is still food-safe. The search began...

We contacted over 20 different packaging manufacturers. Funnily enough, in the end there was only one left that met our criteria.

Incidentally, the named can costs about 10 times as much as a normal plastic round tube or one with an aluminum coating.
Normally, that would be a blatant competitive disadvantage. But staying true to our values is much more important to us!

The Vetain can is now made entirely of paper. The cool thing about it is that it doesn't have such a big impact on the environment. So once you've used up the protein, you can simply dispose of the can in the waste paper.

Vetain im PACKReport-Magazin


We are particularly proud of our shipping boxes. Our boxes are made from 75% recycled waste paper and 25% grass paper. They require 99% less water and 90% less energy to produce and not a single gram of chemical solvent!

Here are a few bare figures:

Pulp: 5,000 kW/h, 6,000 l of water and 2.3 tons of wood for one ton of pulp

Grass fiber: 112 kW/h, 6 liters of water and only 1.2 tons of grass for one ton of pulp

We have 2 different sized boxes, which we have adapted precisely to our products. This allows us to save as many resources as possible and the proteins reach you safely.
To top it all off, we use paper tape with rubber adhesive to pack the packages securely.

Our conclusion:

Sustainability has its price, but is 100% worth it. It would be selfish to live only in the here and now without thinking about future generations. The earth is mankind's only home and we should treat it as such.