Was macht unser Vegan Protein so besonders?

What makes our Vegan Protein so special?

In this article, we show you what makes our vegan protein so special and why it differs significantly from other conventional vegan protein powders.
Pflanzliche Proteinquellen

What are plant-based protein sources? - An overview

In this article, we provide an overview of the various plant-based protein sources. We also show you which foods contain the most plant-based protein and what the best vegan proteins are.
Wertigkeit von veganem Protein

What is the value of vegan protein?

It is often said that vegan protein is not as valuable as animal protein. In our latest article, we dispel this myth and show why vegan protein can actually be better!
TOP 10 Superfoods Vetain

Superfoods: TOP 10 superfoods at a glance

Are superfoods really super? What are the benefits of superfoods? We answer these questions with an overview of our TOP 10 superfoods!